I can’t create LingQ

I feel it doesn’t work “Read and Create LingQ” of “EnglishlingQ #272 Steve & Alex – Alex Returns from Beijing”.
There are any blue or yellow words. I couldn’t create any LingQ.
Did I do something wrong? It does work other contents perfectly.

Same with me. Although I have more than 600 unknown words, there are only very few words in blue.

In fact, I had just an hour ago (and in the last few days) the same problem with some lessons I imported myself (in French). I was unable to mark some words manually for LingQing - they did not appear in blue although they were unknown. After deleting the whole lesson and recreating it, everything was fine again.

We’ll look into this and see what is causing the error. It’s quite strange…


I’ve re-imported this lesson so now it is working, but we’ll still try to find out why this is happening in the first place.

Hi, I had the same problem with English LingQ podcast #272. I no longer find it in the library.

Sorry about that! The lesson is now back up :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex! Everything is ok now :slight_smile:

Thank you! So I will start to study.

I think I found the reason that words cannot be LingQ-ed sometimes and in certain lessons.

If one changes a word in the lesson text AFTER a lesson has been initially uploaded and stored, then the changed word(s) cannot be LingQ-ed.

In these cases (it happened to me now a few times) I had to delete the whole lesson and recreate it.

Hi hape,

Thanks for your detailed description of the issue! We’ve noted it and will get it fixed soon.