I am very looking forward to have a 4-choice question test of words and phrases at Vocabulary section

Hello, I have not been an active member for a long time… I always think LingQ is the best place to learn languages. However, I always miss one thing. That is word/ phrase test at Vocabulary section at the Linguist (previous site of LingQ). I think it is better to use that test rather than doing flash cards. I think it is great to have my own data base, having my own tags, and to be able to sort vocabularies according to the level of importance at my vocabulary section. In addition to that, it would be perfect if I can do word/phrase test! I am sure I become one of the most active members when word/phrase test come back! Thank you.

Hi Leonie,

We intend to bring back an extended testing capability. Please be patient, there is just a lot to do. Thanks for your interest.

I was just musing this morning about creating a game where I have to get as many flashcards right in a set time (e.g. 2 minutes) as I can. I shall try it and tell you if it’s more fun that way!