"I am the prawn cocktail!"

Who is the asparagus soup?

It appears that, not only in the UK but also in Japan, people say “I am the steak, the hamburger, the chow mein, etc” in a restaurant when the waiters appear with their food.

What do you say?

I am not sure that the Japanese say " I am the soup". I think things are little vaguer in Japanese. “me, the soup” might be closer.

What are u guys talking about ?? It sounds interesting to me.

Similar is the use of brand names from fast food chains to substitute for the food itself. eg " I only eat Macdonald’s for breakfast."

「私は、キツネ。」(I am a fox.) きつねうどんの作り方・レシピ [うどん] All About
「私は、タヌキ。」(I am a raccoon dog.) たぬきうどん | 大村うどん・そば店 群馬県前橋市六供町のおいしい蕎麦屋

I am confused!

eta: Does this mean you eat what a fox/racoon would eat? (The pictures of the dishes look delicious.) Another possibility would be that you ordered fox/racoon, but I can’t quite credit that…