I am sorry to bother you all

I clicked the line that reads “Create a new thread” to open this page, without any ideas. So I started writing the following sentence repeatedly. “I am stuck.” I am stuck. I am stuck. I am stuck. I am sorry to bother you all.

I found two buttons on this page. One of them is titled “Tweet.” I suppose if we click the button we can open a Twitter box with a link to this post. I will try.

It did not work as I imagined. Just a link to this thread was posted on my Twitter site, and no post on this page. I will click the button “Post” under this box.

Thank you for your response, u50623.

I clicked “g+ Share” below the title of this thread. A page was opened, and it advised me to create my public profile; my name was already in the box. I closed the page without following the further directions in the page.

If you click the button “f Share,” Facebook’s log-in page will appear. The direction in the page reads "Log in to use your Facebook account with LingQ.’ I have an Facebook account, but my site related to the account is closed to anyone except for me. I close the log-in page.