I am not so cool as what I think, and more

I posted a thread yesterday and I was told it’s been deleted because of the offensive words. I was mad at the first sight, but when thought it through, I realized something that I’ve never awared of, and now I don’t blame them again. On the contrary, I want to tell you guys something really important, which you may never think of.

I used to want explore all the knowledge of English, not matter how dark the knowledge would be, since knowledge is all what I want. I did not know that offensive words are hard to be tolerated for native speakers, even for academic purpose because I am not a native speaker, that is, I can understand them, but I can not feel them. If I were a native English speaker, I would not tolerate it too because I can feel it, and that’s where the rage comes from, am I right?

This reminds me something about the foreigners who came to China. For Chinese people, the foreigners are generally kind and nice, and however, weird in some way. For example, I’ve seen a picture showing that a couple of western people use some containers to drink beer in China, and the containers were what Chinese people used to keep shit. Maybe those guys thought that’s funny, but as a Chinese I felt a little bit insult. “What are you guys doing exactly?” I thought to myself. Now I see that they do not know what they are doing because it is not their language, not their culture. They cannot feel it.
So back to my point: we might turn to be assholes when we don’t mean to because we are not in the culture or language. Somebody has been offended by us but we would not know, and it is all because we cannot feel it. I am not so cool as I think, and I appologez if I offended anyone. I guess I have to learn those words by myself, anyway.

It’s best not to learn words like that. It’s rude to use them. You wouldn’t swear around your family, so why swear in front of a foreigner? Understand them, sure, but try not to use them. There are always other ways to express yourself. That’s my personal opinion.

No problem, Lei. I guess you were new to this forum.

I am sure you can look up the meanings and histories of these words easily from the Internet. Asking them in a forum is not really appropriate. I would imagine this would be the same in many Chinese forums too.

@ZHOULEI - Again, you used words in your last post that we don’t want to see in this forum. Please stop doing so. A good rule of thumb for you would be that if you don’t see anyone else using these words on the forum, you shouldn’t use them either. The forum is a public place so we have to be a little bit careful about the language we use.

The basic thing is that it’s Steve’s forum and he doesn’t like it.

Do I like it or agree with it? No. Not that I even swear, but I find it childish to disallow it for people that want to express themselves in that way.

But it’s not our forum and this is not a democracy.

Plus, it’s the internet. I seriously doubt you’ll have trouble learning English curse words.

I have heard many swear words and have certainly used some. I am not offended by them, but I don’t like hearing them in certain contexts. I would not swear in front of my grandchildren or in front of people I don’t know. To me this is just common sense.

Our forum is seen by all kinds of people, including children. I do not think it is childish, as Sol puts it, not to allow people to swear on our Forums. Sol is entitled to his opinion, however, and can express it here as much as he wants as long as he does not swear.

I rather see using swear words in a forum like this as inappropriate because I would like to learn a language at its highest, not lowest, level and want to be able to rely on the quality of content here.

(If I wanted to I could swear like a trooper, but it wouldn’t occur to me to do it in this setting, nor do I particularly care for swearing in the first place.)

Thanks everyone, and I’ll be good.

Hi Lei,
Swear words can be an interesting part of language learning. I have a book of Polish swear words (Slavic languages have very rich obscenities…!) and it’s fascinating. It’s just that using them in regular conversations is often offensive, and it’s hard to know what’s offensive and what’s not unless you are very familiar with the culture as well as the language.

It’s also like using “cool” slang or dialect words - it just sounds weird when a non-native uses them.

Yeah I remember when I was using swear words in my L2 with a German. I was meaning it as a joke, apparently he took it the wrong way. While it’s good to know them, but not to really use them unless you know that it’s safe to use them in certain contexts, etc. Swearing doesn’t bother me, because I heard it everyday on tv, outside, etc. But as others said. This is not our site nor our rules.