I am improving fast - GRATEFUL THANKS

Dear Steve,

I must say thank you for your invaluable guidance by your videos, LingQ contents and blog. I have learnt a lot from them. I came across the Linguist system at the end of November, joined just before Christmas, but have started the real, effective work only after my graduation two weeks ago. Since then I have learnt English six-eight hours a day attentively, as you suggested. After a skip of 13 years, my knowledge not only reached the one-time level, but right away highly exceeded that.

My vocabulary and instinctiveness are improving surprisingly fast, owing to LingQ. I am still not able to use correctly the more difficult structures, prepositions and many others, although I am getting closer to them day by day. I am going to use the writing and speaking possibilities of LingQ very soon (after looking into a collection of sentence patterns).

You have all my respect and admiration for this great job, the excellent custom service and the friendly, stirring atmosphere that you and your team all provide.

Kind regards,

Mária Wirth


Mária, you have made my day.

I must say though the I am only the co-founder, and most of the design and implementation is done by my son Mark and his team. We are constantly working to improve the system. These kinds of words of encouragement are our reward.


It’s a good thing to see that you enjoy Lingq . Maybe in the future will have the chance to see your native language here and you may contribute in order to share with others your beautiful Hungarian tongue.

Sok sikert a jövöre ez a honlapon !!!

Even more than Steve’s knowing several languages, I envy his ability to turn his hobby into a project for many others to benefit from and for him to make cash. I wish they taught business sense in school.

Maria, congrats! Your written English is very good.

Mostly LingQ is a passion, one that gives me great satisfaction, and one that will continue to grow and improve. I dont think they would use LingQ’s as a case for study in business school.