I am heading down under, any chance to meet up?

My wife’s best friend, when I met my wife, is a lady who now lives in Brisbane, Australia. Her daughter is getting married and we are going to the wedding in Sydney in March. Australia is a long way off so we will also visit New Zealand and maybe one of the islands in the South Pacific. We also want to explore Australia.

Can we have one or more LingQ meet ups ?

Any advice on where to go?

Come to Melbourne! We did organise a LingQ meetup in Melbourne once, in the end it was just aineko, myself and my friend.

There’s lots to see, it really just depends on what you’re interested in. There are lots of great wine regions in South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia (although the ones in WA might be a bit far to travel, like going from Vancouver to Montréal). Not too far out of Sydney you’ve got the Blue Mountains. In Victoria you’ve also got the grampians, if you like that sort of thing. Given that you like sports, you might be interested in seeing an Australian football match (the regular season starts towards the end of March, prior to that there’s the preseason cup).

Tasmania is an interesting place, because of its nature, hiking and tourist destinations. It has the oldest pub in Australia and first convict settlement (I will actually be in Tassie for the first weekend in March).

I wish I could be there, Steve.

As you probably know I am working in Ethiopia. I will be back in Australia in June and July for the rainy season (here), which is winter in Australia. I come from Adelaide.

Island, which is just off the coast of SA, is a wonderful place to visit for native animals, Australian bushland and wonderful unspoiled beaches. Have a wonderful time on your travels!