I’m finding the way the ‘Daily Lingqs’ interact with the Vocab list filters very confusing, and not intuitive

Hi there,

I’m seeking some guidance. I have the latest update of Lingq on the latest version of iOS. I have my Daily Lingqs set to ‘100’, and my flashcard review number set to ‘100’. Despite this, I nearly always receive substantially less cards in a review session than 100. I realise the default filters might limit this, but even when I clear the filters and change the ‘known level’ to incorporate all lingqs from level 1 to level 4 (of which I have around 1500) I still don’t get 100 lingqs. I turn the SRS filters off all the time (and, incidentally, it’s pretty annoying that they spontaneously revert to their default settings all the time) - but surely if my vocab filters are completely cleared, I should be getting a full deck of Daily Lingqs? Does anyone have this issue, or can shed any light on this? It seems every time there is an update, something about the vocab list and vocabulary revision process goes askew:

Sorry to hear that. How many LingQs do you get in your Daily LingQs email?

Hey Zoran,

i really appreciate your quick reply - thanks so much! I don’t get email notifications, just notifications to my phone. The number of lingqs varies - occasionally it’s the full amount, but normally it’s quite a bit less (yesterday it was 41!). It could well be something I’m doing wrong, or a bug in my phone. It seems like it should be easily fixable, but I feel like I’ve tried nearly everything. I could turn on email notifications if you think that might help?

No need to turn email notifications on, regular notifications are fine too. Can you check how many LingQs you have on Due For Review (SRS) list for that language?