Hungarian user interface

Hey guys,

The Hungarian translation of the site makes it extremely difficult to navigate or find anything, it’s practically useless. Please include the correct translation and menu or just opt it out and leave it English until it is corrected. It took me long minutes to be able to find the option where I can set it to English so that I know where to get started.

Now that I could find the English settings, I’m sure I’ll make good use of the site! :slight_smile:

Happy Learning!

@canela_con_soleado - Thanks for your feedback on this. We rely on volunteers for the translation of the interface. If you would be interested in helping out with the translations and potentially correcting some of the existing translations please let us know and we will provide you with further instructions!

Alex, I guess the problem with translations is that everything is tailored for the English version, without taking into account the features of other languages, like noun cases and such. Having to use all the placeholders that are used in English makes the translation less natural. E.g. in the Italian interface the date is displayed as Month Day, Year (e.g. giugno 7, 2010) which is not correct in Italian (it should be 7 giugno 2010). This is just one example.

Hi Alex,

Sure, I’ll gladly help out! I have friends who would love to use the site but they are discouraged if they are unsure how to use it (or if it is not available in English.) Let’s see what we can do! :slight_smile:

@canela_con_soleado - OK, great! I’ve sent you an email with instructions on how to get started.

@mikebond - Thanks for your feedback on this. We will continue to work on improving this, but do note that managing translation of the site interface is just one of the many things we do here at LingQ. Where possible, we are happy to make adjustments and correct issues in the original text or translation. More minor issues, as is the case with the overall site, may take longer to address.