Humble Bundle Language Learning is Back!

Just giving heads up that Humble Bundle is doing another Language Bundle. If anyone is interested. I used their program last year and it was too dry for me. I’ll give them credit for their pronunciation tool. This program is aimed at for beginners and those who want to see what other languages are about. As for the Kidspeak I have not used. Also on Reddit r/languagelearning you can be on the look out of people giving out language keys once in a while.

Here is the link: Humble Software Bundle: Learn a New Language for Kids and Adults

Is the access for each language all in the same year, do you know? or if I activate one language do the others stay inactive?

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Just got it and…its one code this year o.O. So its activating the languages they are offering in the bundle. Last year it was separate codes so you could activate later within the year. Little disappointed but glad you ask the question. I’m guessing they are preventing people for passing out keys like last year.

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Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it. Still a pretty good deal overall (just checked their site) for anyone interested. it comes in a little over 50% off the yearly subscription