Human Freedom for International Polyglots

Congrats Switzerland your citizens enjoyed the most human freedom on Earth in 2017!

The Cato Institute published its 2017 human freedom index. With a personal freedom ranking of 6/159 and an economic freedom rank of 4/159 Switzerland continues to rank in the top 3.

Sorry for the A of A or the B to A’s A framed analogy but I wonder if Georgia could serve a similar role for the countries of the former Soviet Union as Switzerland does for the European Union.

When Eastern and Western E.U. countries find it hard to get a dialogue going, they meet in neutral Switzerland, right?

Georgia sure has seen good movement to the upside of the freedom index. 8/159 for economic freedom.

Go Georgia!

What countries around the world are on track for life changing growth for it’s citizens over the coming decade?

I always enjoy that report. I think Panama is likely to continue its upswing. Water is safe, medical care good, taxes low, welcomes developed countries, especially Americans, hub of finance, and you can possess and carry a gun if you are a resident of the country.