Human Brain Develops Even After Age 20

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I read somewhere that eating blue berries helps with nuerogenisis. Eating them by themselves is safe but eating them with added sugar can cause diebetes.

I neat a lot of blueberries. =] They’re the best. and the best for you.

Blueberries. Walnuts and cardio exercises

This is not new stuff. Even old people can have the wirings of the brain changed. If not, learning would’n be possible anymore…
And there are subjects that prove this straighforwardly, like the phenomenon of phantom brain (that results of the “invasion” of the region of arm’s region of the neural map of the body by the neurons that should belong to the cheeks region), the experience of the plastic hand (it’s a experience by Ramachandran; I read about it in “Mente & Cérebro” – a magazine on Psychology of the Scientif American Group – but I think that in Google there must be something on that, it’s too long to explain here).