Huge white space in the profile page

Everything was fine in the profile page until I edited it to add some new things. Then all of a sudden it appeared this huge white space at the beginning. I tried to delete the whole profile and write something else but this space remains there.
I guess there must be some strange code hiding there, but there is no way to correct this. I remember that some time ago there was an html option in this page, but it’s not there anymore.
So how can I fix this?
I know it’s not that important, but it’s really annoying to see all this space and the text starting at the middle of the page.

This was happening because the

tag was used in some of your formatting for some reason. I’ve now removed the unnecessary code so the space is gone :slight_smile:

Thank you Alex. I imagined it was due to something like that, and I remember that in the last major change in the profile page you enabled the html view/edit mode. But when I tried to do it, this option is not there anymore. I’m sorry to have bothered you for something I could have resolved myself if I would be able to edit the html code.

Not a problem :slight_smile:
It’s better in our eyes to not have HTML editing there, as it can affect other portions of the page as well (for instance, leaving one tag without a

in the description will affect the formatting of the whole page).