It seems as if I can upload to LingQ library any audio that I’ve found at Is that really so? Can I cause any inconvenience for me or for LingQ?

@mikola - Yes, you can upload anything from Librivox as long as you give proper attribution. Please make sure it is not already shared on LingQ.

Mark, thank you.

By the way, does the “search function” search within titles as well as authors? I mean if I enter author name in the search box and find nothing, does this mean that such item isn’t in the library?

What do you mean by “as long as you give proper attribution?” The only way to do it, as a see it, is to choose LibriVox from Provider List. Do I have to do anything else in this regard?

The search function does not search authors. Just titles, descriptions and texts. Exactly, choosing Librivox from the provider list is all you need to do.