Could you do so, that actual names of lessons would be shown in pages’ titles instead of “Lesson - LingQ”. This would make managing browser tabs a lot easier. The same thing with forum threads.

Good suggestion, Eugrus.

I agree that this is a good idea, we will see what can be done.

Yes, please do this.

I just saw this enabled after I imported a lesson. It’s such a great change, I love it!

Just felt the need to say that.

You beat me to the punch…! We’re glad you like it. Yes, this has now been enabled. You can see your lesson titles now in the page titles. The same with forum titles for Forum threads.

Thank you!

Thank you to eugrus for the suggestion!

Thanks a lot for this!

@mark Sorry for stealing some of the glory by spilling the beans there, I just had to spread the joy!

Thank you for being so quick to implement! Great to have it!

Thanks. This is very helpful. :slight_smile: