How your learn new words?

I am learning english and I would like to know, how YOU learn new words?
and I have another questions:
I have basic account, so I can create lots of links, so If I will create only links and when I finished text i will choose new text, and I will create only links again, how you think is it good methodology to learn new words?
How you learn languages if u have a basic account? :slight_smile:

Listen and read repetitively some words will go in and some will not.

I learn by listening and reading and occasionally reviewing my LingQs.

As a basic member I can import my own material; for free members there’s a limit of five items, I believe. I can, therefore, make doubly sure that I read and study only lessons I am very much interested in.

As a basic member I can also make an unlimited number of LingQs.

A further advantage to paying membership is that you can get points at a reduced rate; ie half price. (There’s also the 500 free points we get on upgrading.) The points enable me to submit writing and/or to have conversations with my tutors. The reports I receive help me to review and to chart my progress.

If anyone can think of other ways in which paying membership pays off, please add to this thread.

I usually remember a word if I see it again within a short period of time after first encountering it. Of course, I don’t have an eidetic/photographic memory, so I use Anki (a spaced repetition system for memory-building) and I write words of interest in a notebook (paper). Like andres9888 noted, some words won’t stick as well. It’s like glue on stamps. For these words I take a couple of seconds and analyze the word.

Does it start with the same letter as a word with the same or similar meaning in another language I know?
Can I think of a mnemonic?

There are a lot of ways to build a memory through these kinds of methods. Barry Farber has a book about it.

I have a look sometimes to the new words I have learnt. After that, when I am listening radio or reading news, I can sometimes meet a new word I have learned. Consequently, I can remember this word.

I have learned a lot of words in Russian. Yet I have not learned them deliberately through flash card review. I have learned most of them through reading on LingQ, and regularly reviewing the yellow words, occasionally opening up the LingQ, reviewing examples etc. But I can only do this for a small percentage of the words. I do more word review not that I have the iPod Touch app. However, I find that reading and listening are the most powerful and enjoyable way to learn new words. I do not use memory aids. There are simply too many words to learn, and I enjoy reading and listening more, and find it easier to do.

I do not worry about what I forget. I do not worry about the words I cannot remember when I review the flash cards. I know they will eventually stick. The pieces of the jig-saw puzzle eventually all start to fit together. And I have learned a lot of words in Russian! Texts that had 50% new words a few years ago now have under 10%. And I do know these words, even though I may not have really known them when I first clicked on “I Know All”.