How you improved listeing skills?

Hey everyone, I have a huge problems with listening, when I am watching movies, I cannot understand everything clear, but when I add subtitles, I see that most of used words, I know very well, so could you tell me how you improved your listening skills, what practise should I do?

Listen more.

Sorry, but I don’t know of any other way. Actually, I don’t think there is any other way. Combining lots of listening with your typical language activities is the only way to do it.

Spend a lot of time listening to things that you somewhat understand / can follow (comprehensible input).

Ideally, these should be recordings / tv shows / podcasts about things that interest you. Otherwise you might get bored and stop paying attention.

I’ll just add something to what Peter said, which doesn’t detract from it but complements it.

Comprehensible input is good - but it’s next to impossible to find for all stages of your language journey. I find that worrying too much about this can distract one from the real goal - to do more listening. I don’t think that it needs to be at the ‘right’ level all of the time.

My experience with Dutch is that I listened to huge amounts of materials of which I didn’t understand much of anything. The only course I followed through was the Assimil course (although I didn’t listen to any lesson more than 5 or so times - I now realise that 20+ would have accelerated my progress). Now, I’m able to listen to a native Dutch speaker talking fast and still get almost everything.

So, comprehensible (or nearly compr.) input certainly works, but don’t make it the only focus.

If you are not good at listening at an initial stage, it is a better idea to combine both audio and text together. Listen to the text while reading along a few times and then listen to a recording a couple of times without reading after doing this you will see a real difference in your listening skills. Start from easy materials like or or podcasts from lingq. Everything takes patience, nothing happens overnight. Above all, enjoy it as a hobby rather than a chore.

I used LingQ for a long time, and then started listening more and more to podcasts, where I can now understand pretty much everything in French or German. I am rapidly getting to this level in Spanish now, too. Reading also helps, I think, although indirectly perhaps.

You can always try youtube. Look up some stuff you really like, for example, funny commercials in your target language. That really helped me since they sometimes enjoy using slang. :stuck_out_tongue: