How would you represent summer?

I recently wrote on my blog what summer means to me: it is the sight of a game of cricket on a village green, just as dusk is creeping in.

I am sure that when I was younger summer meant something else to me.

What does the word ‘summer’ bring to your mind?

Hot weather, swimming, sun burns, late nights, air conditioning and losing track of what day it is.


“white nights”, ice-cream and, of couse, summer holidaes(vacation)!

You are both so right! What else is wonderful about summer (apart from insects, sunstroke etc)?

Oh, Sanne, there are so many things to summer.
For sure, swimming in a lake is one of them.
Reading a book in the shadow of a tree as well.
Eating cherries and cherry stone spitting contests.
The smell of fresh hay.
And of course the short nights and the raising sun when you go to bed…
Birds singing.

And Wimbledon, and strawberries, and …

The Mediterranean Sea near Marseille, in the Calanques, and me and my friends playing “Pétanque”.

To me, summer means looking forward to winter. I love tough frost and silence.

For me, it’s seeing my indoor Hibiscus bursting with luscious flowers. And getting up at the cool crack of dawn to walk my two ankle biters.

Hmm, Makacenko, I am not sure whether I share your passion…

Yvette, you must have green fingers.[I love the sound of ‘at the cool crack of dawn’.]

How would I represent summer?

Not sitting in front of a computer and LingQ-ing words… I am outside, far away from computers!

Driving to the French Riviera, enjoying French cuisine, and I see this: (Cannes, Esterel) or this: (ditto) or this: (Nice) …

Wow! I am green with envy… I love it down there.

I am sure you won’t need my good wishes, but you’ll get them nevertheless: have a great time!

For me, it’s almost like everyday… XD

Summer for me are sun,hot, ice cream, glass of cold tea… long nights,party, trips near lake or ocean :slight_smile: also it’s holiday time. This time is perfect to be with friend and family longer. Of course you can spent this time to yourself… maybe you can learn sth new or start healther life… read new book… be in garden… just go to the beach and take sunbathe.
So, I just would like to say that summer is a good opportunity to start to enjoy your life. :slight_smile:

Open air rock concert!! Yeah!!!

For me, the summer means a opportunity to finish my country house.In my opinion, it’s a great idea to have an own country house for our environment.In addition, the summer means a dream related to grown apple orchard.

Window screens, cicadas, thunderstorms, waterfalls, so-u-me-n(thin wheat noodles), watermelons, . . . .


Yes! Sou-men! and Bon Odori, Fireworks…

What great memories and plans for the summer you all seem to have. Although kondus may have to do quite a lot of hard work, the end result will make it worthwhile, I hope! Are you already planning the party, I wonder?