How topics are being determined in conversations with a tutor?

Well, how it looks like? I mean, referring to the conversations with LingQ Tutors, is it a spontaneus talk on any/free subject or one of the sides has to (or should to) decide what about he/she would like to talk?
I’m asking because of a gift I’ve received, that is a free one to one conversation with a tutor but my english is quite bad and what’s more I’m rather a shy and silent person and I have never talked to anyone in real discussion (excluding very short sentences which I’m saying to my english teacher in class ;)).
So, summing up, I don’t know if is it a good idea to waste somebody’s time by trying stuttering a couple words out :wink:
Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance for responses!

Your English seems excellent. I would choose the tutor of your choice and have your discussion. You will find that the tutors are easy to talk to, and they will ask you questions to get you talking. I am sure you will enjoy the experience.

It’s not always true that tutors ask questions.
Some tutors don’t ask or don’t talk a lot in order to let the student talk a lot. Can be quite strenuous. (Just my (negative) experience.)
You will find out yourself…

I have had no problems with my tutors, but I am sure that some are better than others. Tutors are supposed to get the learner talking. If the learner is reluctant to talk, the tutor is supposed to ask questions. We hope to have a tutor rating system in the near future and that may make it easier to choose a tutor.

Thank you both for feedback, now I know a little more about it :slight_smile:
@Steve - please forgive me but I’m not sure if I understood your sentence: “I would choose the tutor of your choice and have your discussion”. Especially last part of it is a little vague for me - “and have your discussion”. You meant you would define topics which you will tell to the chosen tutor or you would choose the tutor who is adequate for very reluctant learners (like me)? Or maybe something different?

A tutor rating system is a good idea. I’m looking forward to system will be ready soon.

patry, you can choose the topic of discussion or leave it up to the tutor. Once you have chosen a tutor, you can post a message on the tutor’s wall, explaining what you would like to talk about or how you would like to use your 15 minutes. If you do not like spontaneous discussions you could discuss a list of your recently saved words or phrases. You can print these on your Vocab page and send them to the tutor.

@Steve - It is a good idea to decide what I will discuss for the next conversation. To tell you the truth, I have never done that before. Thank you very much for your advice.

I think it is always useful to share our ideas and practices at LingQ.