How to work with SRS

How to work with SRS

You can take a look at the Vocabulary help page here Vocabulary Help. Or, these questions from our knowledge base:

I’ve typed a couple of questions in the first post but the content disappeared, so now I have to do it again as these links don’t help me

I’ve been using supermemo and know how it’s working. Every day I know how many words, phrases have to review. I thought that SRS is working in a similar way but it seems I’m wrong

  • tab Due Review SRS is empty though I’d added a couple of lingq yesterday
  • at the same time I’m getting an email with words to review
  • there’s a button Review Lingq(10) in the lesson but if I click I can see a message like Session complete
    So I don’t how and when to use SRS. Maybe I should use All tab and click on Review button ? But even if I do this, and stop at some point and start again the same words are displayed and I believe it should not happen

If you added some LingQs yesterday, they should show in the Due for Review tab on the Vocabulary page as long as they are still Status 1. All the words in the email should be coming from your Due for Review tab. However, if you review through the email, those terms will no longer be due for review since you will have already reviewed them today. Likewise with the Review button in the lesson. This shows you any LingQs that are still not reviewed.

Status 1 words are due for review 1 day after they were last viewed (created or reviewed). Once a LingQ has been viewed, it is removed from the “SRS due” pool of LingQs due for review. It is added back to the SRS pool based on its status - 1 (1 day), 2 (3 days), 3 (7 days), 4 (15, 30, 90 days), Known (never). Once you have viewed all LingQs in the SRS pool, you will have no more LingQs to review that day.

The All tab shows all LingQs whether they are Due for Review or not so yes, you will always see all your LingQs here.