How to view words that I known

I want to review all words that I known. Can someone guide me?

Not possible. You can only view lingQs you’ve marked as Known. To do that, go to the Vocabulary tab and filter by level.

This is one thing that is a shame, how can you easily review words and double check. What you can do is search for a letter/part of a word. Than you should see every word containing it.
It may well be there is a way but sometimes navigation can be a task.
I think some of the database stuff which would be good to know -
what are other people´s known words
the graphs for other users as you can see for yourself
why can´t you have a daily breakdown of everything? I wanted to see what my most successful new word day was and you can only see by month after a while.
Why can´t you see your profile as you see other people´s? For me this is strange, as I find it quite helpful to see other people´s languages, to get a feel for how they concentrate. But then the languages aren´t presented in any order. It would be better if they were presented in either alphabetical order or the amount of words known. Otherwise you just see a whole bunch of random flags and sometimes don´t even recognise them.
Will be good to see some better ways at viewing stats that are probably already there. Having said that, can´t really complain.