How to use popular translations

Should I delete or should I not delete descriptions in languages other than English? My dictionary language is English. It seems that there are no descriptions in English about the word “lithium”, so “popular translations” of the word are meaningless to me. Doesn’t setting the dictionary language to English make a difference?

I have not used the LingQ reading system for a long while. I am at a loss. Are there any guidelines about this?

I suppose the following topic is related to the list of “popular translations”

Hi Yutaka,
So you have English selected both as your study language and dictionary language? Most likely lot of popular hints could be wrong if both studying and dictionary language are same, because I don’t think we have lot of users doing that and some of users that do, weren’t aware of that and were adding wrong translations in their native language while having English selected as dictionary. We do hope to get rid of wrong translations or move them to correct language.
You can use the edit button to remove or move bad hints into correct language.

Thank you for your reply, Zoran.

I have English selected both as my study language and dictionary language. There might be a number of members who try to learn English through English. “Popular translations” seem to be stored on the server all the LingQ members use, where inconsistency of data is a fatal flaw. I will edit popular translations such that the dictionary system on my screen works consistently.

I don’t how to use the language dictionary system. I don’t know how my editing on my screen affects other people.