How to use lingq for listening practice from youtube videos?

i’ve been using lingq for reading, but i want to do it for youtube now, but im just confused about the most efficient way to use lingq for comprehensible input for youtube videos. I can’t find any youtube video tutorials regarding using lingq for youtube specifically.

I have the Lingq importer extension on Google Chrome.
When I am looking at a Youtube video that I want to use in Lingq, I click on the extension symbol.

Are you confused about how to import YouTube videos or about how to practice listening with Lingq in general?

Im confused about how to use lingq for listening.

There’s no unique way to do this, but I’ll share the method I have found to be the most effective.

First, before you do anything, choose a YT video that is appropriate for your level both in terms of length and difficulty. Then do the following.

  1. Listen to the audio only a couple of times and see what you can understand.
  2. Listen and read at the same time so that you can start putting words on what you are hearing. Do not do anything else at this stage.
  3. Make the transcript comprehensible by lingqing the blue words.
  4. Listen again with and without the text.
  5. Add the audio file to your playlist so you can listen to it on the go.

Try to balance this by doing free flow listening outside of Lingq too.
Good luck .


There isn’t any specific method that you must follow. The most important thing is that you do loads of it and are engaged when doing it, which means finding YouTube content you like ideally with reliable hand-made subtitles. So long as you import the subtitles into LingQ and read them, and listen to or watch the video at least once, there isn’t much you can do wrong. You can watch it then read it then watch it again, or you can read it then watch it ten times, or whatever you feel like. Just don’t stay with the same video for too long.


I personally upload ebooks onto LingQ along with the audio book and I
an excel spreadsheet open and I add every word I don’t know and do a mass add to a SRS like memrise or anki to review words.