How to use a mp3 player

How do you use your mp3 player to listen and learn foreign language - how do you manipulate mp3 files to make them fit your taste and needs to learn ? What player do you use ? What options are necessary ? What are your bad and good experience ?

I very recently buy an Archos vision 1, 4 giga for less than 25 euros and I am quite happy with it so far. I use it only for listening to mp3 - all for language learning.

Beside listening there are 2 options that I think are important. First is to reach any files easily, some basic player have no direct access you have to step file by file to reach the one you want to listen to. The same basic have no reading option but sequence or random - a repeat one, one file only or repeat all is an advantage too.

With my Archos it is possible to have subtitle or even karaoke style but the screen is a lot too small for that in my opinion and most of mp3 files I have would need some work to create the subtitle files - not a priority for me.

I use 2 free software to manipulate existing mp3 or creating mp3 from any audio source.

vlc is a media player and it is possible to read mp3 or other formats at low speed. I do not do it often but maybe when I start russian more seriously since I am complete newbie in russian.

The other software is audacity - it allows to create mp3 from any audio source including slow motion vlc output. It also allows to divide one long file in shorter parts - or to cut advertising or to add translation in the middle ot the file - everything is possible.

What is your ideal duration for a mp3 ?

Other topics of this thread could be why using mp3 - how to choose to listen to one file and not this other one ? How many times listen to one file ? How often come back to one specific file and after how many days, weeks, years ?

Many of those questions do not have one good answers.

Listen to what you like - difficult in a foreign language to determine what you like or dislike ? You could consider the quality of recording and of the voice - I prefer to listen to woman voice - but in Star Trek I prefer listening to Jean Luc Picard in stead of Katryn Janeway.

Listen a little well focused every day 10 to 30 minutes is best than listening 2 hours in a raw every week.

Maybe you doubt listening will make you learn.

Remember you get fluent in your native before you learn to write or read the first word.

I think if you leave listening too early and go to reading too soon you are badly influenced by the way your native is pronounced.