How to stop adding known words everytime I finish a lesson?

When I read texts, names of people or places appear as blue marked words (unknown), but obviously I don’t even bother to click on them, because I don’t consider them as potential new Lingqs. The problem is that, when I finish the lesson and jump into another, all the blue words turn white, including those personal names. There is an option which allows me to ignore the blue words from page to page, but not from lesson to lesson.
Is there something I can do? It is just annoying to ignore manually all those blue marked words that are actually personal names or even words written in other language (For instance, there is a whole bunch of french words in Lolita, from Nabokov, book that I am currently reading in English).
I would appreciate your coments.

That’s not possible. All blue words will became known automatically once when you complete a lesson. If you wan’t to avoid that, do not complete it.

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