How to start tutoring conversations

I finally decided, that it would be a great idea to help users, who want to learn German or English (as the first one is my mothertongue, and the second one I have studied earlier in life). I wrote a profile and chose languages for writing and conversation and then I had a look on the schedule. But nope, I admit I do not understand how to start there? When I chose times, I have to enter a description, with is pretty hard for me, as I have never tutored before. What do I have to enter here and how do I guide a conversation. I had a nice chat with someone via skype, but this was not a real lesson, but rather a nice passtime. And I have to admit, that I unfortunately have not used a tutor myself so far for money reasons mostly.

Maybe someone could give me a hand in getting started ?


Hi Safran
Do you want to provide group conversations or 1 on 1 conversations? The Lingq staff changed the default view and now you have group by default. If you choose 1 on 1, you just have to select the date, then the times you are available and then Update Calendar.
If you’re offering group conversations, choose a topic, like “Social networks” and then a brief description, like this: In this chat we’ll discuss the pros and cons of Social Networks, which ones are mostly used in your country, etc, etc… this is just an example that occurred to me.


Ok seems managable. I could do both, if thats possible, and then see which one is better for me.

Do I have to write down and “report” the errors during group conversation? ( somewhere I read, that I have to write a report while doing 1 to 1 conversations)

I guess in 1 to 1 the learning person will provide the topic, if not I should have a backup plan I guess.

And for 1 to 1 how does setting the time work, should I provide one possible time the hour or can I mark for example : 13 00 and 13:15 (meaning: all the times I would be able to have a conversation?)

Thanks for your quick answer btw

I’ve never had a group conversation, I’m afraid. Perhaps other members can help with this.
Yes, you need to write a report after 1 to 1 conversations.
Here’s a discussion that can perhaps help you:

If you click on the hour on the left, all the 4 slots will be selected for that hour. Just try it, you can always edit and update the calendar.

Thanks for the link to this post, it was somehow helpful and confusing at the same time, because it says there one should use the entries in the chatbox for reference on the mistakes, but I thought that most of the tutoring takes place orally, and I do not know how to remember the mistakes during a conversation without either being rude and writing a lot of notes throughout the talk, or making an audiofile of the discussion (and I do not know if this is possible and even legal)

And I am still a bit confused about the timeschedule, because what if I get different demands from two people at overlapping times ( I mean that could happen if I offer every quarter of an hour) or am I wrong here?

Thanks for helping, its a bit hard in the beginning to learn all the stuff :wink: but I will surely learn with your helping hand.

Yes, conversations take place using Skype and you are supposed to talk, but you can also use the skype text chat; you can also take notes while you are talking: I usually record the conversations using MP3 Skype recorder and send the file back. I have no idea if that is illegal, but I don’t see any reason why, considering it’s a way to learn more.

As for the calendar, I guess the system won’t allow overlapping, but surely Alex or Mark will explain that better than me.
If you have someone requesting 15 minutes starting at 4, and another requesting 15 minutes starting at 4.15, I guess you’ll have to say goodbye very quickly and start the new chat. It has never happened to me…

ok so I just try offering from lets say one to three, and those who are booking me will then decide on the real time the conversation takes place. I will just give it a try, I hope no one will be overlapping on my first day :wink: Maybe it is like you say, that the computer will block the corresponding times. That would really make sense, because I would not want to just offer one quarter of a time for every full hour, that would be a really poor selection to choose from :wink:

Thanks again for your efforts, I will be brave and give it a try now :wink: let’s see what happens