How to share private lessons with friends?

I did follow the instructions in the Blog to share private lessons among friends…
However I made a private lesson, when I click on the “Share on LingQ” tab, the list stays just empty and no friends could be added.

Why is this? I should not make the lesson non-private, as everybody has access then.
Should I wait on a backup from the Friends List?
Should I upgrade first from a free account? Friends also?

Really don’t understand this - please give me a clue…


Make sure that your friends are studying the same language. Only friends who have opened the language on LingQ will show up on the Share with Friends list for lessons in that language.

Thanks for your answer, but…

Language is definitely the same!
Still, of my 2 current friends, one shows up, perfect, while the other is even not in the “share to lingq” list.
Should be the same…
Maybe you can check?

We already deleted the account and made a new one.
Still the same problem…

Ah, yes. Seems I omitted a very important part. If a user has no activity in a language, then they won’t be displayed on the list. Be sure to have your friend create some LingQs. They should appear on your list within 12 hours of creating some LingQs.