How to set ‘Open next lesson in collection’?

I’ve imported 8 lessons so far and they are all under the same collection name.

So I expected ‘Open next lesson in collection’ link would appear at the bottom when opening the lesson page, but it didn’t.
I checked Advanced Setting, I went through FAQ, but couldn’t find the solution so I’m stuck.

What am I missing?
The 8 lessons are all numbered (from 1-8).
The lessons are not shared because of the copyright.

Hi Daisuke,

Unfortunately at the moment it isn’t possible to use “Open next lesson in collection” with private lessons. I recommend going to the collection page (My lessons > “Collection name” > “Lesson name”) found at the top of the page to move to the next lesson.

The reason behind this is to protect private lessons from being viewed publicly when other items in the collection are shared.

Alex, I remember that in the past, when I saved a lesson without sharing it (because I still had to record it), it was still accessible from the previous lesson and some students wondered why there was no audio. Has this changed meanwhile?
I am still not sure I understand why a private collection cannot have this feature…

@mikebond - This was some time ago, so private lessons can no longer be accessed through the “Open next lesson in collection” link. It caused a few headaches, because private lessons were essentially publicly accessible during that period.

The underlying issue is that it is lessons that are private or shared, not collections. Lessons that are set as private should not be accessible unless the uploader explicitly shares the URL with their friends on LingQ.

However, perhaps we can look at enabling this feature for the uploader of the content in the near future.

Hmm… it’s a bit unfortunate.
I can’t infringe the copyright just to get faster access, so I hope some improvement will be done someday.

Thank you anyway.