How to send a message to a group of members I'm following

How can I send a message to a group of members I’m following?
I’ve placed a challenge in the Portuguese forum and I’d like it to reach the members who are learning Portuguese.
Is there a way to do it?
I hope it is not considered spam.
Here’s the original post:

I would say…

Create a lesson with your message (no audio needed), share it, and then notify your friends studying Portuguese (check the box).

If you plan on doing this often, you can create a course and title it “Messages to Friends Studying Portuguese”.

@mfr - The system actually isn’t set up to allow you to email everyone who you are following. Instead, you can share lessons, posts and conversations with members who are following you. This way, we ensure it is an opt-in, and I can then only notify you if you have followed me first.

Hi Alex
I know how to share lessons I’ve imported, but I don’t see any option to share posts in a forum, am I missing something?

I think your suggestion is great, thanks for the idea!

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@mfr - My apologies, I was originally referring to posts on the Exchange, not posts on the forum. I realized afterwards that we had adjusted the share settings on the Exchange so that posts can now be given a rose or shared separately on other social platforms. You can still share lessons and conversations with those who are following you.