How to say Playlist in different languages

I am going through the site translating some of the key interface terms. I would appreciate hearing some advice on how to translate
playlist into our various languages. Looking forward.

В программах чаще пишут “Список воспроизведения”, но в речи преимущественно просто “Плейлист”.

Thanks eugrus and that is what was used in the translation by whoever did it, may be you. Thanks. Await translations into other languages. Thanks.

In Germany we are used to the term “playlist” and we don’t translate it. We only capitalize it to “Playlist” when we write it.

I think it’s the same in French . We often use the same term as in English when it comes to computer science, IT and so on.

Same word in Italian: “la playlist”.

It translates as “spilleliste” in Norwegian and “spellista” in Swedish.

How strange that many languages don’t seem to translate the term. Why keep adopting English words? That’s not exactly the human creativity that languages are all about.

German: die Wiedergabeliste

Has there been a podcast or forum thread about anglicism specifically? I think that’s an interesting topic. The right way to facilitate international communication should not be to make every new key term English, but to get the word out about how to learn languages the LingQ way :wink:

I should add that Vera is right. “Playlist” seems to be slightly more popular in colloquial use. However “Wiedergabeliste” is an established word and Apple and Microsoft use it in the German versions of their software.

in Brazil we usually say “a playlist” in colloquial use. But we can also say “a lista de reprodução”

In the Netherlands we use “Playlist” as well, but the Dutch word is “Afspeellijst”.