How to report an incorrect transcription in a lesson

General question. What is the best way to report an error in transcription in a particular lesson?

For example there is a Turkish Beginner 1 lesson (with LingQ as provider) which contains the text “Bölüm bes” (chapter five) which should really be “Bölüm beş”. When you highlight a word in Reader mode, I see a Report button that can be used for reporting a problem with a translation presumably, but not sure if there is a mechanism for reporting a problem with the original text itself. Is there one?

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You can report issues by messaging us - support(at) and our content team will fix errors.

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Hi Patrick,

I went ahead and fixed that typo. That was in a user-submitted version of one of our courses, so there may be rare typos in the text. As Zoran said, you can always email us if you find more issues and we will fix them right away.

Thank you!