How to remove lessons, place in other course, remove courses etc.?

How do we organize and clean up our lessons?

  • Delete lessons
  • Remove from courses
  • Add to courses
  • Delete courses
  • Rename
  • Sort by various criteria
  • etc.

We really need a “list view” also. Having dozens or hundreds of course but having to look at mostly generic icons is very tedious.

LingQ lessons would be far more attractive, especially to newcomers, if the lessons could be better organized, and easier to view quickly.

You can find list of all your imported lessons/courses under My Lessons tab on the Home page. You can change the sort by to Newly Imported to find them easier.
Each course or lesson can be deleted. To make edits, open a course, click on the Edit Course button on the right to access Edit Course page. From there you can delete individual lessons or complete course. You can also make changes like adding tags (to sort lessons and find them easier).
If you open a lesson on the Edit Lesson page, on the top you will see an option to add it into existing course in the dropdown list, or to create a new course for it on the “+” button.

Thanks that helps. I couldn’t find that delete button and I have a lot of junk to remove.

Actually this method doesn’t seem to work for most of my problem lessons.

I frequently receive a message on uploading saying it was not completed or an error in loading.

And it claims to have reported the error but 3+ weeks have passed seeing these errors with no hint that anyone looked at any of them.

When I get that error, the “Lesson” frequently (always?) shows up in my list of lessons in the drop down, for new courses & lessons.

BUT WORSE is that is showsa “Lesson” in my list of lessons.

Since it is damaged it won’t open so I can’t edit it.

How to remove damaged/failed uploads?