How to remove languages from Profile/Account

I’ve been doing a bit of exploring around the lingq site and have added some languages just out of curiosity but I don’t think I will be seriously pursuing some -or most- of these additions for some time.

How can I remove them from the drop-down menus and other aspects of my account if I don’t want them cluttering things up?

That’s also my question.
I’ve added at the end of the last year Finnish, Turkish and Esperanto that I’m really not going to learn now, but I’d like to add instead Italian and maybe Czech.
But how to eliminate Finnish, Turkish and Esperanto I don’t know and they remain to be in the list of my languages that sometimes irritates me.

I’ve got an opposite question. My languages disappear from the profile if I do not pay attention at them for some weeks. Thanks God the words count remains correct, I can increase the number of known words. But the language is not displayed in the profile.
It’s not a big problem at all. But I don’t understand what for they disappear.

It’s LingQ’s way of testing whether you are paying attention to your languages :slight_smile:

Once you start on them again, back up they pop.

You can remove languages on the account page:
But be aware that the number of lessons taken is reduced for each lesson that you have taken in these languages. I think it is OK if you have only tested the language with one or two lessons. But if you have taken hundreds of lessons the content providers will get a lower count on the lessons taken in that month and get less points when the points for content providers are given.

Languages disappear from the profile if you have no active points in that language as far as I know. So you have to create at least 1 LingQ to get the language back on your profile.

You can remove languages on the Account page as Vera says. As for your profile, Only languages that you are active in will appear in your profile as well as the current language you are in.

What a strange logic. To display the languages with just some known words and to hide the languages with thousands… :slight_smile: