How to remove courses or content sources from Library Feed

This would be a terrific feature if it worked. However, it doesn’t seem to for me. The menus the triple dots bring up have not changed. There are no options for removing anything.

Is this announcement premature?

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Yes, I’d like to hide old Greek.

I saw the announcement too. I tried it, and it didn’t work for me either.

Same here.
For me, being unable to customize the library shelves to my taste is one of the worst things about the platform. I’m tired of seeing the same lessons every day and being unable to hide or delete them. And this even happens with topics I’ve unselected from my preferences. Also, I don’t understand why beginner mini-stories keep showing in my library if I’m an upper intermediate…
It is certainly annoying and discouraging.

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It sort of works for me now. I removed a lot of stuff at first. It left a place marker instead which was disappointing, but now those seem to have disappeared so apparently it takes awhile for the changes to migrate.

Unfortunately, the space has just filled up with new content. I download my own stuff so I don’t really want any of the stock content.

Being able to really customize the library shelves would be ideal. Even having one or two private User shelves at the top would be very helpful. Then we could easily ignore whatever follows. The mini-stories and the kids’ stuff has no value to me. Frankly, it bored me to tears when I knew nothing and made me dread spending an hour studying with it. I completely lose my motivation when I’m bored. I was bored reading kids books in 3rd grade!

I realize that there are many people with different interests so almost any feature they come up with will be useful for some and useless to others so I’m not holding my breath for a clean Intro page.