How to remove Course from Continue Studying

My workflow to remove a course from “Continue Studying” is add the Course (even though it shows up in the list, strangely enough) and then un-add it. This effectively removes the Course.

However, I have a paid content course that I casual peeked at in the list. I can’t “add” it because I haven’t bought credits so thus it remains. Any idea as to how to remove paid content from my list?

This sort of user experience, btw, is pretty frightening if I were ever to buy credits to pay for content. Seems way to fragile to risk it. Wouldn’t want to buy a course just by looking at it.

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Works great! Thanks. I import a lot of stuff, read it once, then delete it. I get bored reading something twice. Things don’t always delete properly. Your work around took care of the problem.