How to remove a course from "continue studying"?

There are courses in my “continue studying” list that I want to remove. These were created by other people, so there is no “delete course” button as there are with the courses I create. How do I make them go away?

Just click on the green “+” button to unselect it and remove from the Continue Studying shelf.

This isn’t working the same way for each course. I have at least one course showing up on my “continue studying” course that does not show a “remove from Continue Studying” option when I click on the “+” button

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Ok, I got it to work IF the course was listed in my “Continue Studying” list…by clicking on the ”+” button and adding it (even though that shouldn’t have been there since it was already in the continuing study shelf). And then I pressed the ”+” button again and the “remove“ option was available.

But it is NOT working for courses that appear on the home page under “Continue studying“ but DON’T show up on the list when I click “View All” — so there is no way to remove it. To make it even more complicated, this is only a problem in the iOS app. On the web version, the course is removed OK.

Thanks, we will look into it.