How to record an audio file

I was requested on the Exchange to do an audio file. I am not sure what the learner exactly wants, but I have never done this before. I would appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks.

Plug in the best microphone you have. Set up the input volume level not too high and not too low. Make a test recording in 44 100 Hz. View the waveform you’ve got and correct the input level accordingly. Make a recording. Normalize the recorded audio. It will sound better with a bit compression added. Save as MP3 with 64bps.

Do I need a special program on my computer for this?

I usually use Audacity, which is free.

You’ll also need the LAME MP3 encoder to be able to export your recordings as mp3 files.
Instructions here: Audacity download |

There’s also this software that I tested some time ago and the results were good


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