How to put Ling Q booklet mark on Mac?


I just start using Ling Q. I try to drag the booklet mark to my bookmarks bar on Mac. But, it did not work. Any idea about how to do that on Mac?



@sgunduztx - Hi! Would you be able to let us know which browser you are using?

Hi, I am using Google Chrome

@sgunduztx - OK, make sure your Bookmarks Bar is set to show (you can press Command+Shift+B to show/hide it). Then, click and hold on the bookmarklet and drag it up to the bookmarks bar until the other bookmarks start to move around, then release your cursor.

If that doesn’t work, just right-click on the bookmarklet and click “Copy Link Address”, then right-click on your bookmarks bar and select “Add Page…”. Here you can paste the link you copied and give it a name.

If you have any further trouble with this let us know!