How To Post Messages to a Subset of Followers

Can I post a message (about Norwegian) to just some of my followers (who are also learning Norwegian)?

I posted the same question some days ago here Как Удобно Найти Носителя Языка, Который Я Изучаю, Для Ра...

There is no answer, unfortunately.

This may help

@donhamiltontx - It isn’t possible to post a message and have it notify either all of or just a subset of your followers. Instead, you can either post directly to the Exchange, where those following you will see it when they visit the Exchange, or you can locate these members and message them individually in order to notify them via email.

@sdom - Sorry for the delay! I remember your post originally having been just in Russian so I assumed it was directed specifically towards Russian speakers. I’ll go in and answer you now!

Excellent idea. Thank you, Paul.