How to post a link to a lesson in the library?

Hi there! I have created a lot of lessons for Spanish here at lingQ, and recently, I have posted the link to a couple of lessons in some students wall, and both of them have told me that none of this links worked. I have tried them again and I can see the lessons. So what’s wrong? I usually don’t copy&paste the link in “editing mode”, but go to the library, look for the lesson, open de lesson, and then copy that link. Is that right? How do we should link a lesson?

Hi Albert, go to the library and search for the lesson. Hover over the lesson. Than use the right mouse click and choose to copy the link. (I don’t know how it is exactly named on an English interface)
Example for a correct link: Login - LingQ

“de” is for the language. The last number is the number of the lesson in the library.
It doesn’t work to take the link from your own workdesk because then it is a personalized link!

Thank you Vera!! I got it!! I think now is working!! I was doing wrong! My link was Login - LingQ
It should be a personalized link, that’s why it didn’t work to others!! Thank you!! :slight_smile:

We have just added a Share widget on the collection page to help you share your collections by email, Twitter, Facebook etc… We don’t enable sharing to friends yet but you can find the collection url there easily enough.