How to move to next 'blue word' in newest version of site

I am gradually getting used to the new version of the site, and many of the initial problems are being resolved (browser compatibility problems, missing audio, etc…). Overall, the new look is a definite improvement.

There is one problem I am still having and for which I have not found a solution in the new version of the site. Within a new lesson, how can I move to the next ‘blue word’ when reviewing/setting the hints for the new lingQs? In the old version of the site, there was an ‘arrow button’ which could be used to move to the next blue word. In the new version of the site, this ‘arrow button’ seems to have been removed.

I have tried hitting within the ‘hint’ field but this does not do anything. I know that if I click directly on one of the available hints, then this will automatically move to the next blue word. However, if I need to adjust the hint (definition), then I can find no way to move to the next blue word other than by scrolling the text down and clicking on the next blue word.

Is there a keyboard shortcut or other way to move to the next blue word?

When on a blue word, you can simply click the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move through them in the text.

@LFJ: Thanks for the tip. That works great!! Out of curiosity, did you find that documented somewhere or did you just try it out and it worked? I am asking because I looked for documentation on keyboard shortcuts but wasn’t able to find any. Thanks again for your help!

I’m not sure. I learned it a long time ago. I think there used to be several keyboard shortcuts shown somewhere in the right panel. Not sure where any of that has gone.

I also use the k and x keys often to mark blue words as either known or to be ignored. That happens a lot with Chinese where the word-splitting isn’t always great and I do a lot of x-ing out non-words.

@pcolag, LFJ - We’re looking at adding the keyboard shortcuts back to the blue pane. You can use right/left to move between words, up/down to move between options on the blue pane, x for ignore, k for known and Shift+Enter to select a hint on the blue pane then edit it. I think that’s all of them!