How to mark the language of imported texts?

I have imported any Russian texts into your portal.
But I don’t understand, how could I mark the language for them?
And how could I put these texts in common access (for all interested people)?
What does it mean the Provider?

To import texts into a specific language, simply select the language from the language switch at the top of the page.

You can find information about importing in the Import Help: Import Help
The Provider is the person/group of people who created the lesson (i.e. where you found it from). Make sure that you have permission before sharing any content that you haven’t created yourself.

Thank you, Alex. And what about the common access?

For details on how to share lessons, you can take a look at the link I posted above to the Import Help. Let me know if you have any specific questions!

I am sorry, Alex.
Texts, that I have written about - Login - LingQ
Login - LingQ
, are now marked as English ones. How could I transform they as Russian?

There’s no way to automatically move them from one language slot to another, so you will have to reimport these in your Russian slot. Just copy and paste them, and it should take no more than a minute or two :slight_smile: