How to learn Languages not offered at LingQ?


I am on the path of learning languages and I find them really enjoyable to learn.

I have to admit before I found LingQ I was rather lost on how to learn a language. I feel VERY fortunate from a beginners stand point that LingQ offers 3 amazing series (Greetings/Goodbyes, Eating out and Who is she) which really gets me going in a language.

However, There are languages I have my eyes on (Like Danish and Polish) that LingQ doesn’t offer and I feel like i am at square one again when I consider wanting to pursue these languages on a full time basis.

How exactly could I go on learning a language not offered by LingQ? What resources are known to be good?

Try livemocha for free - It is good and they offer a lot of languages but I have to say some have bad quality of audio recordings. does have a story in polish - I try their story in german - quite interesting but I am not totaly newby in german.

Translate some words to your target languages with google - then start a query on the results and get some texts - then publish those texts at and hope to get an audio recording.

Search for podcasts in your language target.

Also I have a polish family as neighbours but i do not know if they write and speak correct polish or if they have an internet access.

People have learned languages long before LingQ, so do what you can, i.e. dig out resources (audio, texts, grammar book, dictionaries et.c.) for the languages you’re interested in, and apply whatever approach that works for you. You surely has some idea of how you like to study.

Thanks for your replies!.

Jeff, one thing I was having a problem with before I found LingQ was how a lot of material seemed to contain mostly junk and only a limited amount of content. However, now that I have a better idea on how to learn languages I can properly examine resources for their usefulness.

Considering that a great deal of content here is indeed podcasts, you can use those kind of resources anyway if/when you find them (however of course, without the LingQ-ing tool, word count and so on).

Eze, I am glad you like our three introductory lessons. Nowadays it is easy to translate these into other languages. If you have Danish or Polish speaking friends you could just do a google translate and ask them to touch them up and record them.

We would love to create more parallel texts here. Some of our members have created interesting beginner or easy content which I think would be interesting to translate into other languages. The Story of Nina in Russian is a good one. Ana Paula’s explanation of how to use LingQ (in Portuguese) is another.

I would be interested in hearing from members about member created beginner content that we should be making available in all languages. Of course we would need to have them translated and recorded too.

grzegosz is slowly translating Steve’s book into Polish here:

Waiting to add the content when Lingq finally does offer Polish, I do wish he’d maybe translate the Who is She Podcasts and maybe do some of his own thing rather than just Steve’s book though… I think I’ll ask him to actually…

I like “Letters to Japan” (in Russian/Japanese) by Emma&Cakypa, and Dilemme has shared notes from his diary (recorded in Chinese). Nice little texts, not too difficult language. They could be translated or give inspiration to similar lessons.

Hi, Steve - I would like to see Czech here. Any chance that might happen soon?
I would even consider upgrading from a free account for some good Czech content. Thanks!

Hi, Steve - I would like to see Czech here. Any chance that might happen soon?
I would even consider upgrading from a free account for some good Czech content. Thanks!

I am also hoping for Czech. Just be a little more patient.