How to know my english level?

I was looking in lingq for carry out a english test level but I could not find anything related to that one,someone can tell me if is there some place inside lingq where to do that one? I know that exist hundreds of webs where I am able to carry out an english test level but I think that it would be more positive if I could do it in the lingq’s web and afterward to choose the proper lesson to my english level.

Thanks in advance.

Hi pincho,

We currently have no test like this that you can take, but we recommend you choose a level (in your case, perhaps intermediate 2) and see if you find the lessons too easy, too difficult, or just right. You can adjust your level at any time. Good luck!

as I know, there are no any language proficiency tests at LingQ today, so I think, you can use one of the external tests. Also, to approximately determine your level you can speak to a tutor and ask him or her. In my opinion you don’t need to determine your English level to choose a lesson. You can simple choose one, for instance on Intermediate 1 level, then listen, read and create lingQs. If chosen level will hard or easy, you can take another lesson with more appropriate level.
Maybe somebody could evaluate your level by posts on the forum.
Good lack!

Sorry, I was writing my previous post to long and don’t noticed Alex’s message.

I am hosting some group conversations to help people determine their level. Have a look at my schedule or you could sign up for a one-on-one with me!

Thank you very much to all of you, I’ll bear in mind your comments because I have no doubts they are all very useful.
Since I knew lingq I feel how my english is improving thank to people like you that write to help another user of lingq like me and I really appreciate to get quick answer from people around the world.