How to keep word record

I come up with the idea that is it better to save Lings with phrase. It means, it’s better to remember my unknown words.
However, there a few defect. When I found the same word in different article, it will not be highlighted.

do you have any idea?

Mark Wang.

Hi Mark,

LingQ treats each form of a word as a different word, meaning “say” and “says” will be different. Could you give a specific example of which words you are noticing this with?

For example, Instead of record only “partisans” (the word that I don’t know), I might record ‘conservative partisans’. In original article that I’ve saved the phrase, it’s highlighted correctly of course. If I open another article that have the word ‘partisans’ in it, the system will not highlighted. That’s normal, right? because I didn’t record “partisans” but I record “conservative partisans”. However, I found out that remembering “conservative partisans” is easier for me than remembering only “partisans”.

There is no bug about it. I just asked a tip that where I should save “phrase” in a LingQ system.

Ah, I understand what you mean. It’s actually best to save both “partisans” and “conservative partisans”, as you may come across the word “partisans” without “conservative” before it in another situation, and knowing the word “partisans” will be useful in that situation. The more LingQs you save, the better :slight_smile:

If you save a phrase it should highlight the next time it appears. Phrases are less likely to show up again.

However, when you save a word, you do capture the phrases that contained it.

In any case you can review your saved phrases in your flash cards. Good luck!

I always try to save as small a particle as possible, so I can take advantage of the cross-referencing, and review flashcards from the phrase, to learn the collocations

OK I get it. Thank you, all of you.