How to keep improving in a language while learning another?

I have been learning Spanish for a few months, ( my known words are higher than here on Lingq )
but because I will be moving to Germany in the next few months Spanish is not that important to learn now as German is so I will be starting to learn German from Tomorrow.

But I would still like to keep improving my Spanish.

Any ideas or help?

It doesn’t seem like you have time… I would try to recognize the urgency of learning German and reconsider the Spanish question in 6-12 months! I wouldn’t worry about forgetting Spanish, if that’s the concern… In my experience everything you forget can be relearned pretty quickly once you’re studying it again

I agree with Miznia. Don’t worry though. there are plenty of cheap flights to Spain from Germany in case you want to try out what you have learned in Spanish.

Good luck with learning German. There is plenty of good material here on lingq.

And yet I would read and listen to some podcasts also in Spanish from time to time to maintain this language.
It needs not so much time - 80% for your new language and 20% of time for maintaining your first language.
And it’s even useful to change your language during a day for a while.
To be occupied the whole day with the same language could be a bit boring - at least for me.
And good luck with German!
Viel Erfolg mit der deutschen Sprache!


Even maintaining a language you slowly improve your comprehension of the language. You just have to understand that the results won’t be as fast as if you were to study Spanish full time. I can agree with what Evgueny has said.

Maybe just devote 10-30 minutes a night listening to Spanish radio? Lets you devote active study time to German, but will keep your Spanish at work in a passive manner.

I agree that if you spent little time with the language, you will probably not improve your active skills, however your comprehension may go forward!

Whatever you decide on, don’t forget to enjoy learning German!

(especially some of the slang words)

Maybe pick an activity a day that you will do in Spanish…read the news, or watch a show. I like south american telenovelas because they are full of colour and colloquial expressions. The plot is simple and follows the canonical "princess in distress, hero, witch etc. After a couple of shows you know the characters and their voices so you can just listen to the show while doing something else, making lunch for example.

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Hi there,
It’s good that you want to continue the language learning so I would suggest that be in the touch with native speakers so that you can practice it.