How to increase our traffic at LingQ

Hi Steve,

I can’t post answer at System says: “We’re sorry, we cannot accept this data”

So I will post in here.

I don’t speak or write English well, but I’ll try to say some of my thoughts.

  1. First of all, you have a great resource for your PR - e-mail addresses of Lingq members and subscribers at and and maybe anywhere else. You can send them an e-mail right now.

Most members of LingQ don’t use this learning tool. Why? I don’t know. Maybe they want to learn for free but don’t know, how to use LingQ for free. There is no information about this. Many people are leaving internet sites in first 10 seconds. You can see this at your Google Analytics report. At LingQ they don’t see a word “FREE” at all! If you want to compete with Livemocha, you must explain to your potential customers, that they can use LingQ for free with any external spaced repetition learning system for example.
They will love LingQ, because this is a great system, and they will become a loyal customers. Then, after their silent period, they will pay for writing and speaking or anything else.
Many people may be afraid about talking in new language. So, you can say them, that they can do it SAFELY with a tutor at Lingq :wink:

  1. “Wenn ich hore DIE Sprache oder DER Sprache - spielt keine Rolle!”
    “Я делаю много ошибки, но это не важно. Ошибки - черт с ним!”
    “Perfection did not matter anymore, only communicating did”

IMHO these are most powerful suggestions. These are my favorite. But people don’t see them. They comes to LingQ, looks for grammar or tries a system and goes away.
They don’t know that grammar is not important to speak well.

You can say them, at first page that “At age seventeen I was effectively a unilingual English speaker. Yet today I can speak ten or eleven languages”.
You can ask them how many years they learn a foreign language.
You can show them how you can speak Russian in only two years. So, “come in, my friends!”

You must work with an ancient persuasions. IMHO this is most important thing.

  1. Many of members have a blogs. You can ask them to write about their experience at LingQ. They have a lot of friends, who reads their blogs :wink: It is much better, than just naked link to Одним выстрелом - два зайца :slight_smile: - recommendation and link.
    By the way. Link must be proper - and headline (or “name” - no importance :slight_smile: of the link must be also “” or “” → “” - this is better for Google.
    I like this form at Anki: “Thousands of hours of work have gone into developing and supporting Anki. Please consider supporting the author so that Anki can continue to improve.”
    Many of members have a free accounts. I think they will be happy to help to promote their favorite system.

  2. About SEO. I don’t think LingQ is very friendly for SEO. I think people don’t look for “Learning languages, simply”.

“Learn English Online” at - is OK. “Learn English Online for free” - better, may be phrase “English courses online”, but there must be a lot of analysis for most popular search phrases.
There is no “learn” or “english” in domain name - this is bad for SEO.
“English, Spanish, French, Italian…” beneath - letters are too small. Bad for SEO.

“Pronunciation”, “Vocabulary” “Personal tutor” at LingQ - these are an images, not a words. Google don’t understand images…

I think “” is more friendly for SEO. Lingq may be only a tool. You can promote “” and make SEO by yourself.
There is a good idea in here:
I don’t know, how good this guy is. but you can find something like this. There is a lot of SEO courses. For example -
If you can learn Chinese - you can learn SEO.

Если что-то хочешь сделать хорошо - сделай это сам

Good luck!

So. Dear friends, please write in your blogs about your experience at LingQ. Put the links to LingQ, Linguist, podcasts, blogs, Steve’s Youtube videos. Invite your friends. Share your success.
Remember - Steve and his company work a lot for your success.
More members - more friends!
Please translate this to other languages.


I really appreciate all this useful advice and the encouragement to our members to blog about their experience at LingQ.

I will defer to Mark when it comes to the details of how to incorporate better SEO practices on our pages.

I am thinking about your comments about our messages. Give me some time. I would also welcome feedback from others on this subject.

What is our most compelling message?

Thanks, Gintaras, for the suggestions and for exhorting our members to spread the word!

I will try to repond to your suggestions:

  1. You’re right. We should go after our member list more. All the people on the list were interested enough to sign up and, with the right message, may be convinced to come back and give LingQ another try. This is on our list of things to do. We do want to make sure we do it the right way so as not “spam” anyone.

Another thing we are always mindful of is that people essentially don’t want to read our messages! :frowning: More than anything else the site has to do the talking.

  1. Again, it’s tough to get people on the internet to read our explanations and reasons why but we can look for places to try and get our message across better. You’re right that it should be clearer that there is a free membership available.

  2. We would very much like our members to write about us on their blogs. Some do already and we will be coming up with banners and widgets which members will be able to grab and place on their blogs to show their LingQ progress and promote LingQ at the same time.

  3. SEO is a tricky issue on a multilingual site and you’re right we haven’t spent enough time on LingQ in this regard. The Linguist is optimized better for SEO as we spent quite a bit of time on SEO in the past. Our experience has never been that SEO is that powerful for us. We would rather spend our time improving our service and relying on word of mouth. However, there are some basic things we can do to improve our SEO and we will be doing these over the next little while.

Keep the suggestions coming!

I have just found an excellent way to increase the traffic and LingQ:


It works wonderfully.

Setting up a facebook Ad and a facebook page for LingQ so people can become “fans” of it. If you have a budget of, say, 20 or 30 bucks per campaign, you can drive about 50-60 people to the website per campaign. That is what I have found.

Some screenshots of my ad(s) after fiddling around with them for a while. As you can see I’ve only spent about $30 each day -A- for the past few days and it’s driven over 100 people to the site -B- with one campaign already on 60+ clicks.

Each ad can be customised to reach a specific audience. In facebook there can be people who specify a language or learning a language in their interests. -C-

Here is a screenshot.

If you want me to orchestrate something let me know. The ads go through an approval process that take no time at all. In fact, you can have a campaign going in 20 mins.

Good luck.


Thanks for the info, Roy! We are planning to run some Facebook ads as well as Google ads. Incidentally, the Google Ads work in more or less the same fashion. You can’t target as well but you can limit your spend each day.


I don’t understand foreign languages, only Lithuanian and Russian I can speak fluently. Now I learn English and try to remember and improve German. German i learned at school 30 years ago :slight_smile: So, I have seen only few of your video messages. Maybe 15 or 20. I interested in learning methods.
I like “Multilingualism and Mr. Sanchez”, because there is very friendly atmosphere and you talk in very relaxed and enjoyable manner. And also these suggestions :slight_smile:
“Bumbling along in Russian” is a proof of efficiency of your system.
“Steve Kaufmann - Interviewed both Mandarin-English” is a proof that you can learn and speak fluently and fast in languages which is quite difficult for western learners.
I thought so: this guy can learn many languages, he speaks Russian in only 1,5 or 2 years. He surely knows how to learn language.


  1. You can read this book “E-Mail Selling Techniques: That Really Work” by Stephan Schiffman.

I have read maybe 6 or 7 Shiffmann’s books (translated to Russian) - “Cold Calling Techniques”, “Stephan Schiffman’s Telesales”, “The 25 Most Common Sales Mistakes”… and could recommend this corporate sales trainer. His site is but I did not find his books there. They are available on Amazon.

There is no mass mailing in his books - only an individual work with each customer.
In the beginning you can send only 50 or 100 e-mails to passive members and ask them what’s up? Maybe they did not find anything, maybe they did not understand how the system works, maybe they did not understand how to learn languages simply and effectively - there may be a lot of reasons and you can receive a lot of important information. You may receive only 5 or 2 percent answers, but these answers will be more important than my answer or answers from any activity leader. They are working with a system and this is their answer :slight_smile:
Perhaps most of passive members tried other learning systems and found them boring :wink:

You must ask your internet provider how many e-mails you can send. My provider allows me to send 100 e-mail per hour. He wants to sell me separate server for e-mails :slight_smile:

“Another thing we are always mindful of is that people essentially don’t want to read our messages!” - this is your opinion - not a fact :slight_smile: Perhaps some people needs help :wink:

  1. I think this branch “How to increase our traffic at LingQ” isn’t right place to contact with active members :slight_smile:
    LingQ progress on members blogs is a great idea.

  2. You can compete not only in “Learn English” area. In fact you can split and make 10 internet sites with 10 domain names located by different internet providers. For SEO the first - home page is most important. So you can make 10 first pages: “”, “”, “” etc. Or “”… These are proper domain names. You can save name “” and make redirecting to new site - for example. Then you can link to all of your sites. These buttons on must link not to the pages of the same site. They must link to the other sites. These will be very good links - different providers, relevant content. Links from the same provider isn’t good. Buttons names must be Learn English, Learn Spanish etc. These all are an important keywords.
    There must be greeting from Steve only in target language. And a lot of links to each Steve’s message at Youtube :wink:

  3. “You are doing something truly amazing for all language learners. Thank you for all you have done for the language learning community. I’ll never stop using LingQ. Haha!” - Robbie Thuyns, Arizona, USA - I think it isn’t good. I don’t know who is Robbie Thuyns. Recommendations are good if I receive them from my friends.

“THE GOAL of each step is to get to the next step”, - Stephan Schiffman
Now imagine to your site came a new language learner. You have only 10 seconds. In this 10 seconds you must say your most important thing and you must earn the first click :slight_smile:

More interesting advice, Gintaras! We will incorporate your feedback when we look at what changes we can make to our home page. Thanks, again.

Hi Mark,
I just find something interesting. Check this out:

Thanks, Gintaras. We can certainly improve our search engine ranking and we have spent quite a bit of effort on this in the past. However, we have not actually found time spent on search engine optimization to be particularly effective for us. We feel that word of mouth is going to have to be more effective for us. Having said that, we can definitely improve our seo and will be doing so.

Yes, a lot of traffic not equals a lot customers. I noticed that a lot of people are holding to opinion that language learning equals the studies of grammar and vocabulary lists.
Some of my friends proud themselves and their method - studying a dictionary word by word each day. They don’t want to change old habits. Maybe they are afraid to face a new and unfamiliar techniques.

Because our keywords are extremely competitive, we have found that we don’t get a lot of traffic from our seo efforts either. You are right. It’s often about convincing people to try another way. People like to stick with what they know even if it hasn’t worked for them.

I recommend a lingq political party, where we take bites into the hearts of clubbed seals, our teachers don’t bother showing up to class filled with computers and earphones and have no official language.

That’ll get us a wikipedia page for sure…!

You may be on to something…Who wants to join the LingQ party?

I’ll bring the tequilla…

Party can wait a little bit :slight_smile:
Mark, what do you think about affiliate marketing? I noticed that it is very popular in America, Australia, India etc.

Gintaras, that’s a good idea. We are working on a tracking system to enable this now.

This is an old thread, so not sure if anyone still reads it, but I am one of those returning customers. Whatever was here when I first signed up, and I really can’t remember, didn’t encourage me to stay. Now, the layout, the extensive library and download facilities have grabbed my interest. There are areas which I still get lost in and I think the help pages could have more information with links to the blog info more readily available but I understand that it is an ongoing project which is constantly evolving.

As to more traffic, and maybe since this was written you have plenty, but would it be possible to have a poster that I maybe others could display to grab non internet traffic.

When I finish doing dictation at school, an age old lesson but still great for listening,and students sigh and say how difficult it is, I have been suggesting they do more listening and that they can do it on lingq. I’m presently listening to a range of the English lessons so that I can recommend them, but a poster for the classrooms would be great. We have about 1200 students, all of whom have numerous other friends also learning languages. I am sure there are other teachers who would do the same. Many modern language teachers know that most learning doesn’t happen in the classroom, we are just the facilitators, guides and hopefully springboards. Lingq is another great resource that I am happy to recommend.

@pinkdaisy - We don’t have any kind of poster like that although we appreciate your offer to display it! :slight_smile: Is there not some way for you to email all of your students? You can use the Invite page to invite them all quite easily. Since we don’t have many requests to print up marketing materials, it is not something we have available. You can also post your badge or avatar on your own website or blog or even add it to your email signature to help spread the word about LingQ. What’s more if somebody joins from a LingQ that you send them or have posted on your blog or website, you will receive 200 points a month for as long as they are an upgraded member. You can see more on the Invite page Login - LingQ.

Thanks Mark, I tend not to give out my email address to students as my address book would be in the 1000s. I’m going to show a group the site on the smartboard tomorrow and add the website to the useful websites handout.I might do a printscreen of the front page to go on my classroom wall too.