How to incorporate LingQ with my private tutor lessons?

So I’m in a bit of a predicament… I had been taking private lessons with a tutor in Japanese since before I found out about LingQ, and now that I plan to start to really use LingQ, the way I’ve been learning with my tutor really conflicts with the way I would learn here at LingQ. I am on really friendly terms with my tutor, and would not like to just stop taking the lessons, so my question is, how can I bring LingQ to my tutor, and have it incorporated into the lessons in an effective way?

Is it a paid tutoring service? Then you can just say, Do you mind if we use LingQ? A good tutor should be thrilled because it takes the onus of him to choose interesting material. The tutor should have no trouble using LingQ materials to bring out patterns and interesting language features.