How to improve my reading skills?

My main issue has got to do with reading printed books. My mind wanders a lot. I will have to go back previously read sentences over and over again even though I had read them and understood them fully. I had bought a lot of books but they were accumulating dust because of this issue. They look intimidating.

I have just stuck with reading short articles online. Also, I can not read long worded novels or ebooks off my computer screen. My eyes feel strained and I feel tired both physically and mentally. Overall, I read posts on forums and online websites. That’s what I do reading wise.

My eyesight numbers are: R: -11.00 , L: -8.5 Im also a diabetic patient. diagonsed at the age of 26 and Im 28 right now.

Hi, Asad100101,

It is ok that reading books or long articles are intimidating to you. Then , just keep reading those short articles you like until u feel like u want to read longer articles. The important thing is to keep you getting lots of input.

My eyes are strained too when I read some novels and ebooks on my computer screen . I have bigger eye power than u, I think. The power of my left eye is 700 , and the right is 500. See- my glasses is thick. If you feel like your eyes are strained ,then take a bread and gaze at further place about 8 feel away from your computer for about 10 seconds. Especially , u should gaze at green colors like trees. This will get your eye energy back.

If your mind wanders a lot, u should go to a quiet peaceful place and read there.

Do you happen to have OCD… this could be what is causing you to reread what you have already read and understood. I am just guessing you are learning english, but even when I read I have to reread lines often because I read over it to fast or something… Also about straining you eyes, give them a break… you cannot gaze at a computer screen for hours and expect you eyes to cooperate… If it is that bad print out what you are reading on the screen. Also about your mind wondering… you could just have a short attention span, like me, i find myself dozing off while I read sometimes. On two occasions I have literally feel asleep. But the only way i can find to stop this is to read interesting content. For me that would be stuff about: Astronomy, HIstory, Theoretical Physics. Something I found today is go to google news find an interesting article and import it (but don’t share because of copy write.) I did that today and found myself lost in some interesting articles. Try this!!!

There are so many interesting English material on the internet. However, sometime they are too long to print out. You may try E-ink book, such as Amazon Kindle. All you must do is that downloading English article to the reader. You will feel like reading from a book. No black light to strain your eyes. Its price nowadays is much cheaper.


Nope. I do not suffer from OCD however I suffered from severe depression. I tried to survive for 6 years without taking meds. At one point my thoughts got so out of control that I could not read a couple of lines and understand them. I was taking a TOEFL test one day . My mind kept wandering continouslly during both listening and reading sections. My mind was fixed on one particular awful thought caused by an abuse in the past. That thought kept bombarding to my brain at a breakneck speed. I felt awful that day I just had to hold my temples with my both hands. next day I had to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist first time in my life. He asked all sorts of questions regarding nature of my thoughts. He asked me “what exact thing had helped me the most in coping with my symptoms during this period” I told him that “reading internet helped me a lot because reading thoughts expressed by various people had kept my mind busy. It did not cure my symptoms but atleast I did not suicide.” He gave me a huge laugh since my answer was not in line with his “chemical imbalance theory”. Seriously, taking meds for a year did not drstically change my symptoms so I stopped taking them altogether.

I get headaches 24/7 people say it is a side effect of severe depression. Im writing you my recent experience of doing excercise and eliminating all sugary stuff from my daily.

I run for 30 minutes then light weight training for 30 minutes first thing in the morning. No white bread, no caffiene, no coke, no juice, no rice, no oily food. Drink 15 glass of water per day. I wake up and sleep on time.

I have no clue where my 24/7 headaches have gone and no more constant bombardment of thoughts. I followed this routine for three weeks straight and results have been consistent.

i did not follow this routine for one week.

I have again gone back to sugary stuff like eating white bread, drinking tea and eating rice and no excercise. All my 24/7 headaches have come back again and Im exepriencing painful thoughts again. For me, excercise and proper diet are an essential ingredient for a sane mind.

Im going to follow my excercise program again from tomorrow.

Indeed, brain is an unexplored area. It seems like everyone’s brain chemistry is different.

Yes, i agree with you brian chemistry in everyone is different. I am very sorry to hear about what has gone on in your life. I am not a psychiatrist but I think that proper diet and exercise are great things. Also have you ever tried “Relaxing Tapes” I sometimes use them when my OCD is out of control. They really calm me down and get me to think good thoughts again. If you ever want to skype for the sake of your learning in english feel free to add me, i would love to help… Hope all gets better.


Wow, that’s impressive. The diet I mean. I’m depressed, and I’ve lost my appetite and don’t eat a lot, and often when I do it’s unhealthy food… and I don’t really exercise at all. And I get headaches all the time too, and I’m always tired. I think I’ll try to live healthier too. I can’t focus on books either. Forums and short articles, fine, books, no. It doesn’t bother me as much anymore though. I can’t focus on reading in any language, and I used to read a LOT… I’m just hoping it will get better over time or something.

Good luck, with everything.