How to import a lesson

I have tried to import a lesson by clicking on the big plus button at bottom right. I go to the podcast, click on the share button, copy the URL, and then paste the URL into the Lingq import dialog. All I get is the introductory description of the podcast, not the podcast. I also tried in Google podcasts to share to Lingq directly, and the same thing happens.

I am using an iPad and I’ve tried Google podcasts, apple podcast and something else whose name is not known to me.

We don’t support auto-importing with extensions from all sources. In some cases, you will need to import texts manually by copy-pasting text and uploading the audio.

Thanks. Does that mean I can’t import any podcasts or YouTube videos?

Any YouTube video with subtitles can be imported with the LingQ browser extension. To import the audio, you can use one of many free YouTube to mp3 ripping websites, and then upload the mp3 to the lesson after you’ve created it with the extension. It’s really very easy.

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Thank you, I will try that.